Polypropylene Body with Acetal Jaw

  • Fixed loop design
  • Patented double locking mechanism
  • Acetal locking jaw with a higher melting point than polypropylene
  • Predetermined break point on the seal for ease of removal
  • >15kg strength
Please note there is a standard lead time of 7-10 days on any items which are not in stock – if your order is urgent please contact customer services
Part No.Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Colour
1222445 16091.3White
1222446 16091.3Red
1222447 16091.3Yellow
1222448 16091.3Blue
1222449 16091.3Green
1222450 16091.3Orange
1222451 20091.3White
1222452 20091.3Red
1222453 20091.3Yellow
1222454 20091.3Blue
1222455 20091.3Green
1222456 20091.3Orange