Mini JawLock - Long Tab with Side Tear-Off


Polypropylene Body with Metal Locking Jaw

  • Side tear off tab for tool-free removal
  • Longer tag for extra marking space
  • >9.5kg strength
Please note there is a standard lead time of 7-10 days on any items which are not in stock – if your order is urgent please contact customer services
Part No.Length (mm)Diameter (mm)Colour
1222298 1502White
1222299 1502Red
1222300 1502Yellow
1222301 1502Blue
1222302 1502Green
1222303 1502Orange
1222310 2002White
1222311 2002Red
1222312 2002Yellow
1222313 2002Blue
1222314 2002Green
1222315 2002Orange